What should I bring when looking at houses?

Let me get the cheesy answers you expected to find out of the way first. You should bring a pre-approval letter, an open mind and of course…. drum roll… me as your agent. Now that that is out of the way lets dive into other things you may not have considered. Whether you have a smartphone or you are a flip-phone hold over, read on there is something for everyone to consider. 

Notes: There are really 2 reasns you need notes. 1. You need to be able to keep the houses straight in your mind. I believe after 3 houses many people start to mix up things they saw in one house for another. I like to suggest making a new note for each property and make 3 columns.: What you love, likes, dislikes. It is much easier to keep them organized and reevaluate later this way. The second reason you want to take notes is to give your agent feedback to pass along. Sellers absolutly crave feedback, whether good or bad. While we don’t want to show too much of your hand if possibly negotiating on this property later it is the courteous thing to do and common practice. Making notes also makes this an easier task if looking at multiple properties. 

Tape Measure: You may feel odd with a tape measure clipped to your belt. Don’t worry, I’ll be glad to bring one if you don’t want to. I would strongly suggest if you want to do some measuring you need to measure the rooms in your current home first so you have a basis of comparison. If we discover a bedroom is 12×12 but you don’t know the sizes of your current rooms it’s hard to visualize. Be sure to jot your room sizes down on a note in your phone of a piece of paper. 

Rain Gear: If rain is in the forecast you may want to think about an umbrella or a raincoat. Real Estate is an all-weather sport.

Camera: This one needs a word of caution. It’s understandable to take photos to remember things but we dont need to do a second photoshoot. If the listing agent has done their job there will plenty of quality photos online to go back and review. You really shouldn’t take photos or videos in a home without the seller’s permission and you should NEVER share them on social media. If you need to share home photos with someone else please do it from a listing page on a website as the agent has written permission to use those photos. 

Shoes: Do bring shoes that are easy to slip on and off. It’s important to note that some sellers will ask you to remove your shoes or wear shoe covers when visiting their property. That also makes it important to wear socks. Being barefoot in a stranger’s house may make you feel awkward. I usually carry shoe covers in my truck but if I’m out you can wear my socks and I’ll go barefoot so you won’t feel awkward. 

Flashlight: A flashlight may come in handy but it’s not necessary. You don’t need to worry a home tour usually doesn’t include crawling under houses or hopping rafters in the attic. However, you may want to peek under the house or in the attic. If you don’t have one I usually will just ask.

What other questions do you have about bringing items with you? Did I leave out something that needs to be on the list? Contact us and let us know.