Can I go to the bathroom when looking at houses?

That’s a super awkward question and me answering it makes me feel slightly awkward. But since you are reading this you likely wanted to know. If you have to go, here are a few tips that may help you out.

  • If you’re good at timing events, try to time that from not happening at a showing. Depending on how many houses we have scheduled arrangements will be made to stop at restaurants and service stations along the way.
  • You’re at a house and you have to go. Do you ask? Yes, you probably should. It would be awkward if I couldn’t find you and then when looking for you, well, I found you. 
  • I’m going to give you a “Pro Tip”. Always do a pre-flush inspection. I imagine it would be embarrassing if the toilet wouldn’t flush after you were finished. Not that I would have first-hand knowledge.  
  • It should go without saying but make sure there is paper if needed.
  • Finally, I know you’re going to wash your hands, so make sure there is soap. 


Well, I hope that wasn’t too awkward of a read. Do you have other awkward real estate questions? I’ll be glad to try and answer them.